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Management Commitment

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Management Commitment

Usine m Lego, fabricant d'alliages de cuivre

m Lego’s ambition is to be the reference in the production of half-finished copper based alloys and a leader in the Metal Recycling industry.

m Lego’s reason to be is to bring full satisfaction to its customer by offering products and services adapted to their requirements.  m Lego’s certifications ISO 9001 and EN 9100 (ASD) act as guarantor of this commitment.

In an always evolving market and a changing global economic context, m Lego has to adapt and improve its performances in every field. Therefore, m Lego is oriented towards high-value alloys and market, and remains very active on the standard products market by proposing short lead times and specific products.

So as to progress and reach its ambitions, m Lego is committed to :

  • Guarantee m Lego’s Products’ quality in accordance with customers’ requirements, laws and  regulations with a strict quality control policy


  • Remain competitive by establishing a performance orientated management policy, based on human values and continuous improvement so as to respect costs and lead times.


  • Implement an ambitious investment plan within a productivity and quality strategy  in m Lego’s Plant


  • Guarantee safety at work for each worker via a risk prevention policy


  • Protect the environment by applying our Group Aurea’s philosophy : regenerating in place of destroying.

The implementation of this progess axes is based on m Lego’s team commitment, working together so as to achieve our ambition.

                                                                                                                                                               m Lego Quality Policy 2015 quote