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m Lego, high quality copper Alloys since 1894


m Lego, high quality copper Alloys since 1894

m Lego is casting and delivering worldwide High-Quality Copper based alloys. Available in half-finished rods, square, hexagon, flat or profile, m Lego is providing tailor-made products, offering a wide range of solution dedicated to customer satisfaction.

On a global scale, m Lego aims at satisfying high expectation from the biggest industrial contractors, offering products which fit in their technical requirements and norms, but also in working closely with high profile player on the market to develop dedicated products. m Lego has only one priority: continuous improvement in every field of its activity.

Power Welding

m Lego is the flexible supplier of the Power and Welding industry companies in Europe and Worldwide.

Aerospace defense

m Lego is an important player on the international market of copper based alloys, especially in Aerospace and Defense area.

Luxury accessories

m Lego is the supplier of the most famous Brands for leather craft, watch makers, jewellery and fashion.


m Lego is the supplier of the biggest automotive manufacturers in France and worldwide.

Connector Industry

Whether it be in ASD, transport or home automation, you will find connectors made from m Lego products everywhere.

Building Industry

Since its origins, m Lego always tries to make things easier for its customers by offering technical expertise and services.